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One of Darco Southern’s strengths that sets us apart from other manufactures in our industry, is our custom manufacturing capabilities. With vertically integrated, in-house product design, manufacturing and custom fabrication capacity, Darco Southern continues to be an industry leader in providing unique solutions to complex thermal protection and industrial gasket challenges since 1976. Darco Southern is your one-stop-shop in providing both standard and custom made thermal protection and industrial gasket products with operating temperatures up to 2300°F. High temperature rated materials and coatings combined with our custom design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce products that serve a broad range of industries in both domestic and international markets.

Darco Southern’s wide range of production capacity includes:

Kitting: Custom labeling, kitting, and packaging of products for your aftermarket business.

Sewing: Custom sewing capabilities allow us to produce both simple and complex application-specific solutions. We offer three types of stitching: chain, lock, and serge.

Slitting: Allows us to provide materials in the exact widths that you need.

Braiding: We offer sleeves that will expand and contract to cover a variety of diameters.

Knitting: Increased insulation while giving more flexibility in tight turns.

Weaving: We offer a variety of woven cloths and tapes.

Cutting: With die cut, water jet, laser, and automated cutting capabilities, Darco Southern can meet your gasket requirements using numerous materials.

Material Coating: We work with various coatings to enhance our products, including PTFE, silicone, graphite, vermiculite, acrylic saturant, and foils. These coatings are added to our base products to increase temperature performance, improve abrasion resistance, etc.

Extrusion: We can provide standard and custom shapes and sizes from a variety of rubber materials.

Darco Southern specialty services include:

Drop Shipping – Darco Southern offers drop shipping services direct to your customer. Drop shipments are labeled with you as the shipper and include your documentation allowing Darco Southern to remain anonymous and eliminate the need for you to handle the product while reducing transit time to your customer.

Expedite Service – Need a custom made item quickly? Darco Southern’s expedite service may offer the solution to produce your product quickly to meet your urgent requirement.

Our employees and management are committed to providing solutions to thermal protection and industrial gasket challenges by providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. Our proprietary manufacturing technology and cross-departmental project teams allow us to be versatile when developing new products. Our project team collaborates with your engineering and operations team to quickly define the requirements, refine possible solutions and develop a prototype for proof testing. We help you minimize the concept to production timeline using the Darco Southern 4D Process.





The Darco Southern 4D Process

DISCOVER your requirements.

Our in-house, industry-leading technical expertise is one of our greatest assets. With our many years of combined experience across commercial and industrial markets, we provide engineering insights that can help take your good ideas and make them great ones. We ask the critical questions to define key variables and then work together with you to find the best solutions.

DESIGN the optimal product.

Our engineers design products considering not only the end-use performance capabilities, but also the installation and long-term longevity requirements for parts. Our technical knowledge combined with hands-on experience provides us a unique perspective to produce practical solutions to complex problems.

DEVELOP a working prototype.

Being vertically integrated, Darco Southern Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality teams work together throughout the development process to minimize the timeline from concept to production. We can progress from Prototype to PPAP to full Production with exceptional efficiency, thereby minimizing your "time to market".

DELIVER the highest quality product... on time, every time.

Our consistency in product quality and on-time delivery has earned us hundreds of loyal, long-time repeat customers across every industry, as well as multiple Supplier Awards from some of the largest companies in the world. We are proud of our consistently exceptional quality and delivery success rate. We promise the same attention to your requirements and commitment to your success.