For over 40 years, Darco Southern has been providing innovative products and solutions across a breadth of commercial and industrial markets. From boilers to offshore oil rigs, Darco Southern products continue to keep heat in its place.

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Darco Southern has set the standard in the Boiler industry with our high quality Tetraglas® (fiberglass), Tetraglas-T® (fiberglass with elastomer coating), Tetraglas 3000® (silica) and Ceramic gaskets and seals.   In addition, our other high temperature cloth, rope, tape, tadpole and sleeve products are used throughout the Metals, Power, Oil & Gas, OEM, Hose Fabrication and Transportation industries.

Most importantly, our ability to engineer, create and deliver custom solutions has made us a true leader in thermal containment and protection products across all industries where heat is a serious design challenge. Ask us about the Darco Southern 4D Process!

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