Darco Southern in the Transportation Industry

Over 40 Years of Industry Service

From Automobiles to Space Exploration, Darco Southern has been providing thermal protection solutions to the transportation industry for over 40 years from our Independence, VA and Spring City, PA manufacturing facilities.  In the transportation industry, ensuring life safety and equipment longevity are key priorities every day.

Darco products continue to be utilized in a variety of applications within the Automotive, Locomotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding and Working/Industrial Vehicle segments.

  • Worker Life Safety
  • Exhaust Wrap/Sleeve
  • Insulation/Heat Containment
  • Welding & Brazing Curtain/Shield
  • Hose, Tube and Wiring Heat & Flame Protection

Darco Southern Products in the Transportation Industry

Darco Southern knitted Basalt Sleeve and woven Basalt Tapes (up to 1382°F/750°C) are commonly used for higher temperature exhaust applications with temperature ratings beyond the capabilities of fiberglass. Basalt products also offer increased resistance to abrasion where road salt and moisture exposure is required.  Darco Southern knitted Basalt Sleeve has a heavy, single-wall construction that provides maximum insulating properties for optimal thermal performance. Basalt Tapes are offered in both plain and twill weaves to meet your desired needs as exhaust wraps.

Darco Southern silicone coated and impregnated fiberglass sleeve, tapes, and cloths have become an industry standard for hose and wiring protection with their inherent resistance to common lubricants/engine liquids and ability to protect even when temporarily exposed to intense direct flame associated with engine fires while providing constant radiant heat protection up to 500°F/260°C.   Darco Southern Silco Sleeve® products meet aerospace, locomotive and transportation requirements for a variety of applications.  Silco Shield® Firesleeve with Hook & Loop closure provides excellent heat protection while allowing easy in-situ installation of installed tubes, wiring and hoses.

For applications requiring heat to be reflected away from an area, Darco Southern offers a variety of Tetraglas® cloths with reflective foil coatings (500°F/260°C.)  Tetraglas® Cloths with reflective foil coatings can be made into sleeves for pipes or air conditioning ducts. These cloths can be used in correlation with our other standard materials to create a custom solution to your problem.

Our regular, uncoated fiberglass products are used for their inherent insulating properties where higher temperatures exist (above 500°F/260°C) or where the silicone coating is not a requirement. These products can be used in conjunction with our silicone coated and impregnated cloths to create products that offer better insulating properties. Please contact Darco Southern to discuss custom layering and design options.


Engineered, Custom Solutions

In addition to our standard products, Darco Southern has in-house engineering and custom fabrication capabilities for providing solutions to the most demanding thermal challenges.  In collaboration with your team, we review your application, performance requirements and all product options to find the optimal solution.  Ask us about the Darco Southern 4D Process!

Typical Materials

  • SILICONE (500°F/260°C)
  • FIBERGLASS (1000°F/540°C)
  • BASALT (1382°F/750°C)