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Product Overview

As you already know, not all products are readily made and available off-the shelf and that is where Darco Southern continues to be a leader in our industry since 1976.  We are here to assist you and your team in the development of custom solutions to meet your thermal protection and industrial gasket requirements.

One of our strengths that sets us apart from other manufactures in our industry is Darco Southern’s custom sewing capabilities.  In combination with our 4D product development process, our custom sewing program allows us to provide unique solutions to complex thermal protection and industrial gasket requirements.  Our program allows us to utilize a wide variety of special materials and coatings (such as fiberglass, silica, ceramic, basalt, PTFE, silicone, vermiculite) and more to provide you with products that are sure to meet your requirements and specifications. Our custom design and sewing capabilities provide products that serve a broad range of industries in both domestic and international markets.

Contact us today.  Our product development and production teams stand ready to assist you in providing a custom made product, to meet your specific needs, in a timely manner.

Custom Solutions Quick Reference


  • Basalt
  • Type E Fiberglass
  • Amorphous Silica
  • Ceramic Fiber (Woven)
  • Custom Materials and Combinations
  • Coatings: PTFE, Vermiculite, Reflective Foils, Silicone, Rubber


  • Needled Blankets
  • Folded & Stitched
  • Solid Cut & Stitched
  • Custom Fabrication Combinations
  • Flange Gasket Types: Ring, Full Face, Elliptical, Obround

Recommended Operating Temperature

  • Up to 2300°F (1260°C) depending on specific product

Size Range

  • Custom
  • Industry Standard


  • OEM
  • Metals
  • Welding
  • Transportation
  • Energy: Oil & Gas, Power, Mining
  • Boiler/ Industrial Ovens & Furnaces/Catalyst


  • Equipment Covers
  • Pipe Flange Seals
  • Hose and Cable Covers
  • Power Generation Turbine Gaskets
  • Life Safety and Personnel Protection
  • Protective Blankets, Shields and Curtains
  • Boiler/Furnace/Incinerator Thermal Door Seal

Our vertically integrated manufacturing and engineering capabilities allow us to design, prototype and produce an optimal solution to your thermal challenge in the minimal timeframe.  In collaboration with your team, we review the application parameters, performance requirements and all product options to create a tailored seal or gasket.   Ask us about the Darco Southern 4D Process!